Little song for Kate

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souvenir de chantier -Capdenac 2006-
pour l'anniversaire d'une volontaire irlandaise
sur l'air de "Dirty old town", des Pogues
First time we met Kate, she came with her aunt…
Quite a shy girl to work in such a camp…
With Margaret they joined to face these odd froggies:
Wanted to hold out, yes to hold out !
To live in a group is a hard experience:
When you have to cook, crowds are in the kitchen…
And when you want to sleep, spanish girl talks and snores…
But she held out, yes she held out !
On the working site, she shows goodwill.
She makes the mortar, carries and lays stones.
Sprinkled with mortar, after all she don’t care !
And she held out, yes she held out !
She got used with the camp, wearing her straw hat,
Gave up the cheap tea, allowed insects in the tent…
And if you sink her, she calls you « mean guy » !
Cos she held out, yes she held out !
Visiting Peyrusse, fell in love with the showers:
Would have wanted to sleep in all night long !
And in the silent car, she sang irish songs…
Yes you held out, yes you held out !
This little song on this special day
Is only to wish you a happy birthday !
Hope you enjoy it, and with us and here…
Happy birthday, happy birthday Kate !
24 juil. 2006
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