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souvenir de chantier -Puycelsi 2003 toujours !-
soirée de fin de chantier
sur l'air de "Obladi-oblada" des Beatles
Fourteen young people from all over the world
Joined to live three weeks together
To rebuild an old dry wall with only stones
And heat and sweat and pain and happiness and fun
Concordi-Concordia, Puycelsi, wah
Lalalala, what good fun !
Concordi-Concordia, Puycelsi, wah
Lalalala, what good fun !
Elodie’s always laughing for anything
Harttu’s the best dancer on the floor
Eliza goes out wearing her pink glasses
And Akiko sings alone in the starry night
And to lead the group, Ronan’s the best we can have
Cause to please the group, Ronan does his best
And Agathe went to join him
Maribel and Maria left us too early
Stéphanie is lying in her bed
Claudia is always ready to play football
And Greg with song and music he begins to move
And to do the work Alastair’s the best we can have
Caus he knows the work, and he knows much more
When stones whisper to him
Julien’s going for a snack in the kitchen
Angélique comes to give him a kiss
Julie makes up her face, she goes out tonight
And Antti runs he runs and tells some finnish jokes
The only thing I say
Is Thank You Concordia!
8 août 2003
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